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Entinux SmartMX Gateway Solution

Scalable and open-source content-based spam filter designed for enterprise email systems targeted for 99%+ accuracy. Protect against virus, unsolicited messages, and directory-harvesting-attack (DHA)

Entinux iDisk Web File Sharing Platform

Designed for drop-in replacement of legacy FTP for online file transmissions. Allows users to store and access their files whenever they connect to the Internet. Account administrator can create multiple login accounts and share with external parties.

Backup & DR – RSync


Simple yet powerful rsync enables automatic rotating snapshot-style backup, i.e. illusion of multiple, full backups per day without the space or processing overhead using the hardlink file-system property.

Zimbra / Qmail Redirector Solutions


High performance, multi-homed, multi-domain and scalable Email solution with enterprise level reliability and redundancy. Webmail client with groupwise support of shared address book and calendar. Flat-file mail storage to ensure mail backup and retrieval with performance and ease. Support all common protocols (IMAP / POP3 / SMTP / Webmail) and mobile clients.

Samba File Sharing & NextCloud/OwnCloud


Compatible with Microsoft Windows / MacOS / Mobile clients in enabling workstations to centralize and share files into data repository servers. Operate in either basic Workgroup or Domain models with high degree of user authentication / file permission control.

OpenID / LDAP Single-sign-on (SSO)

Deploy LDAP / RAIDUS for supporting various applications (i.e. mail / web / file sharing / VPN / remote access / WiFi /captive portal) using the same authentication sources for easy management.


Virtualization / User Mode Linux


VMWare / VirtualBox / Xen / User Mode Linux and other technologies to facilitate consolidation of servers and workstations. Empowering fine-grain security control over virtualised users and multi-platform flexibility for hosting of any applications.

IPTables & pfSense Firewall / WAF / Reverse Proxy

Include almost all the features in expensive commercial firewalls, and more in many cases. Enable fine-grain control over different network zones, IP segments, users against incoming and outgoing network activities with no license limitation on number of networked servers, workstations, IP addresses nor VPN tunnels.


Live & On-demand Video Streaming


Our specialists had been involved in establishing over 10 video streaming / audio streaming / VOD (on-demand, YouTube or Netflix type) / live broadcasting stations or projects, including some of the current leading over-the-top (OTP) providers in Hong Kong. Our total solution provides service from live studio HD / 4K encoding, transcoding for different devices and video quality, archiving, content-delivery and distribution arrangement and latest P2P (peer to peer) technologies to reduce reliance and cost on bandwidth consumption.

Web Application & Database Deployment

We are experienced in supporting major web portals, as well as Intranet web applications based on LAMP (Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP) as the market dominant platform, with common alternatives such as NodeJS / Python / Java and other technologies.

We also provide deployment and fine-tuning on MySQL / MariaDB / PostgreSQL / DB2 / Oracle / HBase / NoSQL and other Database applications which require heavy fine-tuning on memory / disk caching, data storage engine, index allocation and comprehensive system review for optimal performance.


HA Fail-over & Clustering

Provide high availability fail-over / round-robin clustering solutions with enhanced reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS). DRBD handles data replication via network mirroring. Combination of Heartbeat and DRBD offers a low-cost and highly efficient system redundancy infrastructure.