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Brainstorming a “Crowd-Sourcing” Platform

In 2017, a group of visionary entrepreneur approach Entinux for brainstorming a “crowd-sourcing” platform which utilize Mobile apps technology and backend data-mining to out-source the retail audit and market research tasks to the public.

That is how the Mission Pick project began, Entinux project team worked closely with Mission Pick founders in creating fast feasibility studies and prototypes for their startup business.

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Product Design
  • Android Development
  • iOS Development

Solution Offered

MissionPick is an innovative crowd-sourcing solution that enlist the services of public crowd

To conduct in-store surveys on behalf of brand owners. By utilizing mobile application technologies, missions are released to collect real-time, in-store intelligence together with media files for research and analysis purposes. Agents come from various background with different education levels, therefore the app design has to be simple and user-friendly enough for anyone to follow. Agents are required to complete tutorial missions before performing actual missions.


Allows Missions to be done anytime anywhere in HK

  • Over > 2000 registered agents everywhere in HK
  • Agents complete the location-based missions / task through the APP
  • All data are 100% validated and supported by photo & GPS
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